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Valuable lesson for myself and others

Valuable lesson for myself and others

There’s no one that I disappoint more on a daily basis than myself.



We’re all eager to get paid. But in our job, we work all day, but never expect our pay to come in every hour—or even every week. We keep working, though. We keep working because we know our pay is being saved up for payday—at the end of the month. Imagine if a worker came in each day and expected to get paid at the end of that day. What would happen when he wasn’t paid? He’d probably get impatient and quit. This is exactly how we work for God. We work, but we want our pay, we want our results, *now*! This is why we get tired, impatient, and quit. We have forgotten… it isn’t payday yet.

- Yasmin Mogahed

Ironic, isn’t it? 

Ironic, isn’t it? 

We are good lawyers for our mistakes and very good judges for other’s mistakes.

—Sheikh Alaa El Sayed

First World Problems…?

Islam & Catholicism

Today in English class the Prof talked about the Catholic faith, and naturally I had a few questions. Let me know if you have any thoughts that can clarify these lingering ideas.

I was thinking, when Moses and Abraham when faced against the kings of the world and told to prostrate, they both denied knowing that these MEN were not God. They prayed to God and God made a way for them in their times of need. Is not Jesus also a man? Did Moses and Abraham pray to Jesus (a man like themselves) or to God who transcends mankind?

Also if Jesus is God, then who was running the universe before he was born, and who is running it now (if the presumption is he’s dead)? Also if he is God, how was he killed by men (The creation of God)? If God was able to split the oceans for Moses and defeat the massive army of Namruud who opposed Abraham, could he not also turn the tide when he was under a similar circumstance? Could God truly be outdone by his own creation? And were Moses and Abraham truly praying to a Man (Jesus), after they denied praying to Pharaoh and Namruud (men)?

Just to clarify things, Islam believes Moses (Musa) Abrahim (Ibrahim) and Jesus (Isa) to be prophets of God, and not God respectively. In addition the Islamic faith believes that Isa (Jesus) A.S is respectively still alive, and was saved from the people by GOD, and shall return when God chooses, after the rule of the anti-christ (Dajjal), to end matters.

Don’t do it Mitt!!! LOL8 year-old is pissed off after hearing Mitt Romney will stop the subsidy to PBS/Sesame Street. Hahahaha 

Don’t do it Mitt!!! LOL
8 year-old is pissed off after hearing Mitt Romney will stop the subsidy to PBS/Sesame Street. Hahahaha